ABOUT US Damka is a logistics Company specialized in International Trade. Our main activity is to offer the best logistics in transporting merchandise from one place to another minimizing the risks, always looking for the best cost/benefit but above all, complying with all the customs regulation around the world. As a logistic entrepreneur we offer every step of any kind of logistic services because we understand the importance and complications of moving from one place to another. What We Do As a unique supplier, Damka continually identifies its partners commercial needs. This is achieved by integrating and coordinating effectively the different activities within their international trade, but generating the confidence that everything will be done in time and form. Damka is your logistic department that works to satisfy the international and national trade needs. We offer the best experience in any kind of movements.
VISION Becoming our clients logistic partners. Working as an important part in their supply chain when integrating better services, costs and times. HOW Offering our customers a solid backup in their commercial operations based on confidence and trust. This is accomplished by having a wide knowledge of the logistic industry using the best technology, relations and tools available having as a result the following: Compromise ---- Confidence Experience ---- Results Technology ---- Communication
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